Special K is corrupting my Fallout 4 save files

So I can’t find literally anything at all about this, but Special K is corrupting my save files for Fallout 4 for some goddamn reason?? Every save that I make with Special K active (game is launched through Special K), ends up with a really glitched and weird image and I cannot load it. Lost friggin 4 hrs of playtime because of this, does anyone have an idea?? Is it because it’s remastering 8-bit pipelines?

I just did some testing since I was having the same issue with Fallout 4. I can use all the other remaster options together on a fresh Vanilla Fallout 4 installation except for when using the Remaster 8-Bit Render Passes option. The crashes don’t start happening until you save a game after the remastering has taken place on a restart. After that I can’t load that save anymore with or without SK.

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Okay so, Special K can corrupt save files is that what I am understanding? Why?? Why is there literally no warning about this anywhere in the shitty guide for SpecialK? Useless haha, thanks I will stick to RTX HDR then as it at least functions without breaking my game.

It’s not documented because it was not known prior to this thread.
We’ll look into and probably do something about it, though it’s currently hard to say what, exactly, that would be.

The retrofit feature only manipulates the rendering pipeline and there’s literally no reason for game developers to store data from that in the save file as they seem to do here…

Bethesda programming strikes again, I guess?