Special K goes mad w/ Mad Max

I am not sure if it’s really SK or something buggy with Windows, but it looks like when using SK in Mad Max, if I use Borderless Flip Model Presentation, I get a drastically different gamma range. It’s bad to the point where blacks are crushed. Here’s a quick comparison I put together.

The workaround it to not use flip model presentation. It looks like Windows still converts exclusive fullscreen to borderless on it’s own, because “fullscreen” in the game still allows alt tabbing without resyncing to the monitor and volume control will show on top of the game window.

I am not really sure where to go from here, as it’s easily worked around but unsure if it’s part of a bigger issue so I figured I’d post it. Also side note, Kal when you have a moment can you swap my patreon thanks to my username, johnpinky7, instead of my name? I must’ve responded too late to your message on patreon :stuck_out_tongue:

I seem to recall something about this in the past, shadows were also screwed up but it looks like I at least fixed that.

I think the game uses an sRGB swapchain, which is incompatible with Flip Model. To make it work, I have to remove the sRGB gamma. If this is the case, there’s nothing that can be done to fix it…

Also, I fixed your name in the patrons. I was using the wrong spreadsheet column to generate the list :slight_smile:

Ah you’re right. And thanks for the Patreon fix!

Since I installed game recently I tested - HDR seems to work, I don’t get any anomalous effects or crushed blacks - and without HDR game looks normal too while SK is injected.