Special K FPS Limiter + Nvidia FPS Limiter

Hey Kaldaien and community.

I was wondering if Nvidia’s FPS Limiter and Special K’s one work together or if you should only have one of them activated ? Would it cause problems to have them both activated for a game or not ?

You only need to use one frame limiter, as more than one will end up causing the different limiters to fight each other if they’re set to the same cap (or one of them wouldn’t have an effect at all because the other would cap before the other got a chance to).

As for how Special K stacks up to the alternatives, see:

lol, it’s not even a fair fight. SK slaughtered the competition and demands more frames to discipline.

Kind of freaky when the difference is literally orders of magnitude.

Thanks for the answer. So if I activate Nvidias FPS limiter and set it to 60 FPS and also activate SKs FPS limiter and set it to 59 FPS, Nvidias limiter wouldn’t even have an effect because SKs limiter limits first ?!

Leave Nvidia’s frame limiter off, as Aemony said you don’t want the two frame limiters battling each other.

You would basically make SK’s framerate limiter struggle with an underperforming limiter. You’re just giving it dead weight to carry :slight_smile:

Better to leave NVIDIA’s limiter home.

Luckily, part of Special K’s limiter design is dealing with crappy third-party limiters that cannot be removed :slight_smile: That might be why it performs so well pretty much everywhere, it was designed to fight with JRPG framerate limiters and win.

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Thanks guys ! :grinning: