Special K and Mass Effect Andromeda DirectX problem

Hey hoping someone can help me. I’m trying to run Special K (last stable) on Mass Effect Andromeda (origin - Not steam) but it starts like this and gives me this error:
And it keeps going from fullscreen to windowed showing it.
It seems to be related to the screen changing resolutions?
I don’t know why but Andromeda always start in a windows and actually goes fullscreen when you interact with it

“Last Stable?” The startup banner says 10.2.1, which is ancient.

There has been a lot of work on ResizeTarget (…) to fix issues with Unreal Engine, so it’s quite possible that (use the Download link at the top of the site) fixes this.

Oh wow, DEFINITELY new, totally missed that. Since the installer didn’t found an update I thought it was the last. I’ll try this, thanks.

edit: should I do something with the old files? I have one game “patched” with special k (old)

edit2: tried, it now works but I have a problem that when I press “space” or “shift” or any key on the keyboard it activates/deactivates all the widgets

edit3: when stopping special K it stays on “stopping” but the services are still “running”. If I close and reopen it , it says “not running”

Known issue — Frostbite engine related.

Visual glitch that can be ignored.

Thanks, I guess that’s it then! Too bad I can’t use it with ME: A