Skyrim SE - FPS Boost with Unofficial Reshade Plugin

I know I shouldn’t be using the unofficial Reshade plugin anymore for Special K, but when I do, the fps improves.

I have a 5700xt for reference. Under normal circumstances, I would get 38 fps during a certain scene/save.
However, if I use the unofficial Reshade plugin and let it load early, my FPS jumps to 48-50 during that exact same load.

I’ve tested it with both official plugin regular, loading early, no plugin, but only loading early with the unofficial plugin gives me a fps boost. Trying to load it regular creates an error message pointing to a user that doesn’t exist on my system.

The only other way I usually get such FPS in the same scene is if I use DXVK to get Skyrim SE to render in Vulkan instead.

Can anyone think of any reason why loading it early with the unofficial plugin will also generate the same FPS?

This sounds like the unofficial ReShade plugin is breaking something terribly… At no point should it result in a performance improvement over running no plugin at all if everything works as intended.