SKIF window is slow / unresponsive

I have kind of a weird issue with SKIF frontend itself where for whatever reason the frontend window itself is very unresponsive. The program takes a while to launch, it takes several clicks for inputs to register and the moving the window seems to occur at a very low FPS. I have not previously experienced this with SKIM, and Special K itself works very well (awesome program btw) when injected manually, so this issue is more of an annoyance than anything, but would still be nice to resolve

What OS are you using SKIF on? And what GPU and drivers are you using?

Kal have optimized SKIF so that it only renders when it has focus or when the mouse is moving on top of it, and from the sounds of it these optimizations might be related to your issue.

Thanks for the reply, I’m on Windows 10, update 20H2 and an nvidia 2070 super on driver 460.79. Will also try to see if there’s anything loaded in my system that could be stealing focus or something

Is this a G-Sync monitor btw? Some users have reported that SKIF works weird when G-Sync is enabled for “Enable for windowed and full screen mode”, probably as Nvidia thinks its a game and tries to enable it.

This should be solvable by setting a program setting for SKIF in NVCP for “Monitor Technology” to Fixed Refresh Rate, I think?

This solved the issue completely, thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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