SKIF v 0.7.2 - General Polish


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 + task_eject.bat/task_inject.bat have been tweaked to only spawn one rundll32.exe process for the 32-bit service and not two.
 + SKIF now detects WinRing0_1_2_0 installed by other applications and notifies the user of this.
 + Cleaned up the driver (un)install codeblock.
 + Changed settings text color to match help for descriptions
 + Potential memory leak solved.
 + Cleaned up the code a bit here and there so less warnings are thrown during compilation.

Also includes updates from minor test releases after

 + Added tooltip about driver installation requiring admin rights
 + Fixed directory creation for whitelist/blacklist
 + Disabled scrollbar/scrolling for main window

 + Move the SKIF window to within the work area of the monitor on mode change and startup.
 + Reuploaded to include a fix for secondary monitors using negative coordinates.

 + Added option to disable the status bar
 + Per-file dependency checks for various servlet files where applicable
 + Fixed blacklist not working for launch options using forward slashes (/)
 + Minor bug fixes to the games list

 + Support for sub-1000px resolutions.
 + Added prompt when attempting to launch game without service running.
 + DPI scaling is now enabled by default (but can be disabled).
 + Moved Exit/Minimize/Mode buttons to the titlebar.

+ Limited support for resolutions below 1000px in height.
+ Minor scaling but fixed when disabling the scale UI option.
SKIF (even more changes?!)

Noteworthy changes:

 + Redesigned global injection controls to match rest of games.
 + Added initial implementation of the taskbar overlay icon.
 + Added a Small Mode.
 + Added a Minimize button to the status bar.
 + Set fixed window size.
 + Extended Help tab with more information.

Less noteworthy:

 + Converted 'Add Common Patterns' menu to regular section
 + Cleaned up old code from never-implemented hotkey based injection
 + Many changes to scaling/element sizing to fit into the fixed window
     size and to scale properly across different DPI monitors
 + Restructured content areas to exist in child frames.
    This allows tabs to have an inner scrollbar.
 + The injection summary area (the launch button and its surroundings)
     are now draggable so the window can be moved by clicking and
      dragging using the mouse cursor.
 + Fixed 'Right click for more details' not spanning the whole width.
SKIF (many changes; definitely one that needs testing!)

General changes

 + Rearranged online resources to promote wiki first.
 + Removed Global Injection tab and moved its controls into the Settings tab.
 + Renamed Options tab to Settings tab.
 + Changed "Disable Special K" menu/position to make its purpose clearer.
 + Fixed 'Steam Management' window width getting stuck when moving between two mixed DPI scaled monitors.
 + Minor change to column width for injection summary to prevent column width from changing between games.
 + Changed alignment and height of the patreons list.
 + Minor height fix to the status bar when tooltips were disabled.

Different Steam/Special K Approach

 + SKIF no longer creates an baseline app_manifest for Special K in Steam any longer.
     This solves users getting a partially corrupt/incorrect "installed" listing of SK in Steam
     that could not be used to launch the application and served no real purpose.
 + Steam Management tab is no longer hidden for users without Steam installed.
 + Special K now appears properly in the Steam Management for all users regardless of ownership or
   install status of the Steam client.
 + Embedded SK icon and boxart in the application.
    This fixes black resources for those who did not own the app on Steam.
 + Added online resources to Special K in the Steam Management tab when right clicking.
 + Visible options for Special K in the right menu depends on whether it is installed in Steam or not.
     For those without SK installed through Steam, options that are Steam related (branches, cloud sync,
       SteamDB) will no longer appear.
SKIF (reupload!)
- Implemented "Add Common Patterns" menu
- Fix for HDR White slider text
- Bumped up SKIF_DEPLOYED_BUILD to 5
- Changed update prompt to only appear when
  local build is lower than remote build.
 + Simplified injection section in Options tab
 + Rephrased most tooltips
 + Added context-aware bullet points at errors
 + Added "SteamApps" tooltip when the whitelist is empty
 + Added Ctrl+S hotkey for saving changed whitelist/blacklists

 + Increased status bar height when tooltips are disabled
 + Added a special tooltip case when disabled

 + Fixed issue with "right click for more details" text overriding
   keyboard search hint.
SKIF (third's time the charm)
 + Standardized UI hints:
     ?  = Tooltip info is available
     ?! = Tooltip info + helpful link is available
     •  = Regular bullet
 + Standardized the use of tooltips and status bar text
 + Tooltips info will now appear in the status bar when disabled
   Note that this will override existing link previews as a result

 + Added application type and install_dir to Steam app record
 + Changed launch options to say "Launch [Type]"
 + Browse Game Folder -> Browse Install Folder

 + Optimize for 0% GPU load when idle
 + Fixed constant cache invalidation causing excessive file reads
 + Disable quick start/stop label for local installs
 + Added UI hints section to Help tab
 + Handle the close system menu correctly
 + Handle asynchronous window destruction
 + Minor rephrase to one tooltip
 + Changed '<' to '=' in the UI hints section
 + Merged Kaldaien's recent latency improvements.
 + Fixed per-monitor DPI scaling by using a different approach.
 + 'Play Game', 'Browse SteamDB' and 'Browse Game Folder' added to context menu.
 + Added double-click to launch game.
 + Moved injection summary to the bottom of the Steam Management window.
 + Added "Minimize" option on the exit prompt while the service is running.
 + Hid 'Extended CPU monitoring metrics' section by default.
 + Various changes to explanatory lines.
 + Added hints to whitelist/blacklist fields.
 + Added quick links for local and global wiki pages.
 + Fixed the 'Special K' entry not appearing under Steam Management for non-Steam owners and Steam owners which owned the app but did not have it installed.
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