SKIF v 0.7.0 - [ Manual Update Notifications ]

Initial Update-Aware Release

This version of SKIF will periodically (once every 12 hours) check for a new version at application start and offer to bring you to the forums to download an update.

Special K used to have a sophisticated auto-update system prior to “Steamification,” and it will be re-introduced gradually.

      SKIF v (2.0 MB)
      SKIF v (2.0 MB) [ Dynamically Updated Patrons List ]
      SKIF v (1.7 MB) [ Prevent Launch w/o MSVC 2019 Runtime ]
      SKIF v (1.7 MB) [ Fixed unwritable SK appmanifest problems ]


I cannot wait to see what outlandish things Reddit has to say about transferring 1 byte of data every 12 hours? :slight_smile: They are always cooking up interesting conspiracy theories that do not make any sense.

On a serious note, the check frequency will be configurable in a later release. I am testing the “edge cache” on the update server for the time being and need the network traffic.

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please don’t steal my memes

One byte of data every 12 hours does not sound like much network traffic :smiley:

It’s enough to tell if it’s correctly purging the cache every 10 hours.

Realistically, I think I’m going to have to issue a manual purge every time I publish a new version.

GitHub’s edge cache occasionally insists the version.ini file used by my SKIM-installed mods does not exist. That caused my older mods to freeze if they tried to fetch the version.ini file unless auto-update was turned off.

The weirdest thing about that scenario is that the HTTP response code is 200, and what the server sends back is just the text “404”. That’s not adhering to the HTTP RFC.

BTW, since ditching Steam, I no longer use the task scheduler servlets and that produces quite a bit more reliability when it comes to Starting / Stopping injection.

I can’t seem to get this to work. SKIF’s icon shows up on the task bar for a split second and then disappears. I’m assuming it’s crashing but it doesn’t create any logs.

Where are you running it from?

It’s technically a D3D11 application, so it may be detected by video capture software or anything that draws an overlay as a game. I’d make sure you run it from a directory all its own rather than (i.e. Downloads\) and start turning off overlay software.

It’s not common for it to misbehave, so it doesn’t generate logs. I may have to change that policy :slight_smile:

I’m running it off Downloads\SKIF folder
I don’t have any software running capable of creating an overlay or detecting a game - besides Radeon sofware. I have a RX580 set to default settings but even after terminating Radeon task it still doesn’t open.

I guess I should also ask, what version of Windows are you using?

Windows 8.1 or newer is required, I am pretty sure if you try to run in on Windows 7 it will basically do this.

Windows 10 2004

You’ll probably have to consult the Event Viewer, look under Windows Logs | Application for an application crash. Otherwise I unfortunately have no idea.

These are the event logs created when running SKIF.

EDIT: It’s working now. Reinstalled motherboard chipset drivers and all seems to be fine now.