SK causes an offset of mouse cursor position


I installed SK v21.4.4 locally for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour (with dgVoodoo2), and there is an offset to the mouse cursor’s position in the game, which didn’t happen with only dgVoodoo2.

I wonder if this was a bug fixed already in later versions. I tried v22.3.11.3 and the game wouldn’t even start.

Thanks for your help!

That sort of weirdness can happen when using dgVoodoo and/or SK to override the resolution of a game. If it didn’t happen when using just dgVoodoo 2 you can always try and see if setting an override resolution in SK to the same as dgVoodoo is set to solves it or not.

Though sometimes that can also end up causing its own share of issues.

Using both at the same time often runs into issues and requires spending a bunch of time trying different configurations which tend to be different for each game as well.