Shadow Of War - Texture Injection Bug

Textures i inject appear black in-game, or pink if it’s a UI texture.

Is there a way around this? I’ve tried re-injecting dumped textures to make sure the dds settings are correct, and they are.

Using the Live Texture View section of the Mod Toolkit crashes the game, i had to “dumpatfirstload” to grab any textures.

What is the in-game texture setting set to? This game and it’s highest texture setting (the one that requires the DLC download) isn’t really compatible with Special K’a texture cache which the injection feature relies on.

Oh? I’ll try the second highest setting.

Same issue, nothing changes even if i uninstall the texture pack. The texture names don’t change either.

Lost cause then?

I would assume as much… I don’t have any other ideas, and Kaldaien is on a break atm.

The only games i have that even work with higher res texture injection are Lego and FF games, neither of which i care for :confused:

And i have over 200 games.