Shadow of the tomb raider failure to start

Hello new special K but been modding games for ages, I am quite stuck in trying get Shadow of the Tomb Raider to start when I have Special K installed. I am a holdout on Win7 if that makes a difference other than that computer is pretty standard if old.
The Crash Log I get:
11/22/2020 22:39:37.307: DebugHelper Symbol Search Path…:
11/22/2020 22:39:37.307: Special K Debug Symbols Loaded From.: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Shadow of the Tomb Raider\SpecialK64.pdb
Thanks for any help

Hi, Windows7 is almost a no go for SpecialK. Someone will be able to explain the technicalities better than me; but most of the advanced features won’t work on Win7.

You should really think about upgrading to Win10, Win7 support is closing almost on all fronts.

thanks for the quick reply suspected as much, use it only as gaming computer on Win7, so I guess I bite the bullet and upgrade.

Special K’s support for Windows 7 have been problematic for years – I believe technically it checks all “Windows 7 compatible” checks of Microsoft’s validation tool, but despite that it often runs into weird issues of one sort or another not present on Windows 8.1 or 10. As a result the general consensus have been to recommend users to update for 1-2 years or so now and simply not treat Windows 7 as “officially” supported – it might work but we have little ability to guarantee it.

thanks for the help so far upgrading to windows 10 makes it work now got a weird error that the screen is letterboxed in top right corner of the monitor. Like it its at 640x480 even though it set at 1080 and full screen. EDIT fixed when adjusted INI dx diag to 1080, new problem is injected textures not rendering right and also effecting other in game textures the adventure continues.