Several games crash on startup

To be clear i am not quite sure if its strictly related to Special K but it only started happening after using it.

Severall game just plainly crash when starting the game, the logs always are similar, i added the log of p4g for reference.

Maybe someone can help me with the issue.

The Google file is locked behind a “request access” prompt.

As for the issue itself, be sure that global injection is not active in SKIF. Older versions of SKIF set up injection through background processes, which left the injection enabled even when SKIF was closed.

Fixed the gdrvie permissions.

Global Injection service is off

Special K doesn’t modify anything permanently or reach beyond a single game (the way it’s being used here). So I can only comment on this single game, and any crashing you are experiencing in other games is unrelated.

But the combination of RTSS and Steam Overlay looks like it’s causing problems here.

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out of interest where exactly could you conclude that this was the issue?

08/23/2020 13:56:43.843: [   DXGI   ] [!]      IDXGIFactory5::EnumAdapters1          (320c4f78h, 0, 2f04f880h)                                   -- [ d3d11.dll                 <D3DKMTWaitForVerticalBlankEvent>, tid=0x5774 ]
08/23/2020 13:56:43.845: [   DXGI   ] [@]  Return: S_OK  -  < EnumAdapters1_Override >
08/23/2020 13:56:43.845: [   DXGI   ]  @ Returned Adapter 0: '     NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB' (LUID: 00000000:00011C93) <Hardware>
08/23/2020 13:56:43.877: [DLL Loader]   ( RTSSHooks.dll                ) loaded '                                                                                             C:\Steam\CSERHelper.dll' <  LoadLibraryA> { '    UninstallRTSSHook' }

Precedes a crash in

[  Thread  ]  ~ Name.....: "[SK] DXGI Hook Crawler"
 gameoverlayrenderer.dll >                       OverlayHookD3D3
 gameoverlayrenderer.dll >                       OverlayHookD3D3
                dxgi.dll >  DXGIFactory_CreateSwapChain_Override  <C:\Users\amcol\source\repos\SpecialK\src\render\dxgi\dxgi.cpp:7091>

RTSS tends to cache certain memory addresses, and Special K is trying to find those memory addresses when the crash happens.

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uninstalled RTSS, Special Ks Overlay is better anyway.