Sekiro does not work unlock 60 and g-sync

Good, sorry if this has been asked more times, I have not been able to find information beyond 2020 in old Steam forum, my problem is related to Sekiro I can not get with Kaldaien tool to unlock the fps in fullscreen, and that neither works g-sync (freesync monitor), if I disable vsync in nvidia control panel if I unlock the fps but I get tearing, if I use the tool it always stays at 60 fps no matter what I do in the limiter either enabling or disabling it, I wanted to ask how I could make it work well if there is any latest version than the old one referenced in steam around 2020, because I have read that you can improve that g-sync works better and you can enable reflex to any dx11 game, sorry if I seem a little clumsy it’s been a long time since I used special-k.

I need to unlock the fps at 75Hz on my monitor because otherwise I get stuttering.

PD: sorry my bad english

Special K can’t unlock the frame rate in Sekiro on the latest game version.
You have to use this: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - PCGamingWiki PCGW - bugs, fixes, crashes, mods, guides and improvements for every PC game

Then use Special K to overwrite the refresh rate to whatever you want to use.
Settings in the Nvidia control panel overwrite Special K, so just leave the Nvidia control panel settings at default.
On the Special K wiki under “Video Managment” you’ll find recommended settings.

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My goodness of my heart, thank you for your help, I have always used the mod you mention that unlocks the fps, what I had never tried was to use the tool to unlock and then use special k, I have been able to activate reflex and now I have no inputlag or streaming

God bless you brother, thank you very much for your help.

PS: how could I reduce the latency even more? it is very difficult to do streaming and hit parrys in 0,2 seconds reaction time, I should put less values than: BackBuffers: 5, Max Device Latency: 6?

I think what has really made the difference is that g-sync is working correctly, that’s why I notice fluidity even at lower fps.

If you want the lowest possible latency, probably just ask on the discord, there are more people that can help you with that on there.