Resident evil 4 crashing on startup

So i heard about special k because Im tired of having to connect my old monitor to play resident evil 4 each time since you can only run the game at 60hz or lower and i followed the tutorial here
And each time i launch the game i just hear the metal gear surprised sound effect then it crashes. Here is the crash log

That doesn’t tell anything helpful other than the problem isn’t in my code.

I’d need to see the rest of the logs too.

It says here i can’t link any files beacuse of being a new user so how can i show you the full log? does this work?

That’s a little more helpful, but I still don’t see anything obviously wrong :-\

That’s a very old version of Special K though, you should use

I will try that and if it doesn’t work ill probably write back

Same thing. What should i put the refresh rate in SpecialK.ini? Because right now i have it on 0

That’s why it’s crashing :slight_smile:

Set it to the refresh rate of your monitor.

Alright so i set it to 120.0 hz and even tried 120 and same thing happens. our lives would be easier if it wasn’t for the lazy ports to pc