ReShade not loading/injecting in Nier Automata

Following my previous post, I’ve gotten the HDR build of FAR to work with every mod I’ve needed. However, ReShade (third party, plugin) is having an issue where it is not injecting and I cannot open the overlay in game. I am using the ultrawide HUD fix which replaced the NierAutomata.exe file, so I’m not sure if that has to do with it. Here is the pastebin for ReShade64. Any ideas?

I’d in general try injecting ReShade not through Special K but as its own DLL file instead, named either dxgi.dll or d3d11.dll in the game folder.

I’ve tried doing that, but I get the same DXGI_Invalid_Error_Call error I was getting when 3dMigoto was installed.

Hard to say… Have you tried using the original executable of the game? The ultrawidescreen executable by Jackfuste is based on BALDMAN’s v3 crack for the game, which itself is a heavily tampered copy of the executable.

Yes, I’ve also tried with the original executable. I just tried renaming dinput8.dll and its config to dxgi and reshade loads in, however the colors now look all weird, almost like they became inverted.

Hmm, might be that ReShade and Special K HDR simply isn’t compatible with one another. I don’t remember if I’ve heard of any getting it working, to be honest.

Official versions of ReShade are not. They do not support fp16 color.

The unofficial version will work, but you have to select R16G16B16A16_FLOAT as the explicit proxy format in the advanced section.

Where can I get the unofficial version?

Which version of ReShade64.dll should I put in the root directory when enabling custom reshade in FAR? Or is FAR supposed to install its own dll file?

I’ve got the most recent official reshade version, but the colors are inverted and extremely bright. I’m assuming this is fixed by enabling that setting you mentioned, which I’m assuming comes in the unofficial version. I’m not sure how/where to get that version though.

The unofficial version of ReShade ships with all versions of Special K. Just follow the Download link at the top of the forums.

Extract to Documents\My Mods\SpecialK and it will put the plug-ins in the correct location.

So when I try to enable Reshade (custom) in FAR it’s asking me to install ReShade64.dll to the game directory. Should I move all the files from the ReShade folder in the download you mentioned to the game folder, or is there a way I can force it to import ReShade from Documents\My Mods\SpecialK?

Use the plug-ins section @ the bottom of the control panel, ignore the one I built-in to to FAR.

That will let you setup the unofficial ReShade.

I enabled unofficial reshade and in the dinput8 config it is importing reshade from Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\PlugIns\Unofficial\ReShade\ReShade64.dll. I’m still not seeing anything, but when I started the game, in the ReShade folder shims\x64\ReShade64_dinput8.dll was created. Should I have FAR import reshade from this new file?

It worked after renaming dinput8 to dxgi :slight_smile:

Yes, shims\x64\ReShade64_dinput8.dll is created by and then loaded when you import ReShade64.dll from dinput8.dll. Shims for dxgi.dll will be created the same way. The shims are only compatible with their namesake.

So ReShade is fully loaded and the overlay is working. I’m trying the fantasy reshade preset and installed the shaders and textures. In the game, when I select the preset, there is no difference in the shaders despite them being selected in the menu. When I try to select and deselect shaders the image still remains default. Does this have to do with the preset and shaders not being compatible with this version of ReShade, or is there another reason there’s an issue?

Many of the newer shaders are built against 3.5.0 or 4.0.0 or higher versions of ReShade which includes changing several of the parameters and definitions in the shader files so newer presets or rather the shaders they utilize aren’t always easy to make compatible with older ReShade versions as a result.

There’s been improvements to what ReShade supports as well but HDR is still not one of these but hopefully that can be supported as well eventually.

This coming hardware shift in consoles and the addition of HDMI 2.1 together with Display Port 1.5 (2.0?) should also have HDR as another big feature so support for it should increase further hopefully also in terms of the PC ports coming out. :slight_smile:

Windows and the drivers and however HDR is implemented in the game itself but you get both high resolution and high refresh rate support without compromising image quality by having to use compression.

Don’t have a good way to make newer shader files very compatible however to get back to ReShade, 3.5.0 to 4.0.0 had a second ReShade .fxh type support file for bridging compatibility somewhat but 4.5.0+ changed up some of the naming and structures and defines along with support for additional effects and now it’s also shifting into support for compute so compatibility is more difficult now.
(Opens up for some new possibilities or additional optimizations but breaks backwards compatibility with older ReShade builds in turn.)

EDIT: Oh and the older central ReShade shader repository on Github is also splitting up across several different authors and shader files as another change in the ReShade setup software that can now grab from multiple sources so that’s another more recent change as well along with tracking shader file updates instead of just checking a single Github repository for additional commits.

I would think a build from 3.0.8 here to 4.7 or 4.8 or what the next release will end up as would also be close to a full rewrite due to how much the ReShade code has changed so that would be a significant amount of work plus maintaining it against further ReShade updates and changes that might break compatibility.

I do think Kaldaien had a pack of shaders that were compatible though so that might include some of the popular ones in many presets but it won’t have any of the newer shader effects that are also gaining popularity in more recent shader presets.
(Might be on the SpecialK Github somewhere if it’s still available.)

ReShade 3.x shaders:

The above link is for the latest version of the reshade-shaders repository on GitHub before November 19, 2018 which saw the release of ReShade 4.0 and start of changing the shaders over to be compatible with the newer version.

It’s from the below point in time:

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Thanks for the link. I’m trying these shaders and textures, but they still don’t load/work when I select them in game. Is there a log that might explain this?