Request: FPS/Clock OSD in ReShade style

Hi there.

Would it be possible to have the OSD for FPS and time to look like in ReShade ? I would love to have the FPS and the time counter to be as minimalistic as possible.

How minimal do you actually want? ReShade’s OSD has always annoyed me in that I just see two numbers with no text next to them. I can add this mode, but if I do, I’d prefer one of the lines to say “FPS”.

I want to be able to have the clock and the FPS counter to be closer together, more compact. I’m totally fine with a “FPS” line.

I wonder if it would be possible to customize this through an external file, say for example osd_layout.ini that basically just includes keywords like:

    %FPS%, %CLOCK%



Basically replacing the keywords with the various separate OSD components, so that if users wanted a minimalistic design they could’ve just have the file say:


Or if they wanted the FPS to appear 10 spaces in from the left, they could set the file up as:

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I’ll add this to GitLab’s TODO. is slow AF, I could never really use any of its features. This dedicated GitLab server is proving awesome :slight_smile:

What you are proposing is basically what RTSS had prior to its UI overhaul. I can probably create some kind of hybrid using ImGui widgets instead of CEGUI text. CEGUI’s long outlived its usefulness in this project, it’s slow and doesn’t support modern APIs, and … you saw the toolset for creating actual UI elements with CEGUI :scream: