RE: Moderation Meltdown 2020

  1. Support has never done anything for me, ever. They just copy and paste the same response every time. I’m beginning to question if they can read English.

  2. I cannot change my profile name (on account of that thing someone did to me), you are more than welcome to do it for me.

  3. This so-called community ban also prevents password recovery from working, prevents me from acquiring API keys and prevents adding anyone to my friends list (thus no Private Messaging).

#3 guarantees that I cannot communicate with moderators and that brings us back to point #1. This cycle repeats, I get angrier and angrier.

I do not think you have even the slightest clue how broken Steam is, that burden has gone to me. As your test subject, the punishment being dished out extends way beyond the scope you were told.

Can you please cut it out with the "you have n-many bans" shtick and just go by the ratio of unflagged posts to flagged? As time progresses and I become more and more angry with moderators and have people constantly harassing me (ban them and their 10+ alternate accounts please, btw), I occasionally snap.

But that is to be expected when moderation is as dysfunctional as on display here, and the 40,000 (35k in public, 5k in groups) other posts are innocuous. With very basic arithmetic you could weight the whole problem away and focus on applying obnoxious punishments to the actual people making your community the hell hole that it is.

   Use weighted scores rather than magnitude, or you are applying the nuclear option to the wrong party and then somehow acting surprised when “nothing was learned.”

Tl;Dr: You have to realize, Steam Support is worth exactly zero, which is precisely the same amount of time that was put into thinking this site-wide ban through.

BTW, for laughs … I can still communicate on the forums by editing other peoples posts. That works, but API keys / pwd recovery does not. My account is a paper weight, but at least I can change other peoples posts.


              More fun reading and background into my living Hell on Steam

You’ve been a very naughty boy


And you have proven my point better than I ever could have. You have no idea how things actually work :-\

Since I cannot rename my account, you need to do it, or just ban me from all the forums I asked for in the first place. Choice is yours, it is not like I am ever returning to Steam barring some sort of miracle so choose any name you want for me. It just needs to convey that I cannot communicate with the people trying to contact me.

I already contacted Steam Support requesting they do the same, but … imagine what I got in response? A generic copy-paste message not even relevant to the issue at hand from someone who did not even read the support request. I am sorry, but you are so far removed from reality. Steam Support has never done anything remotely helpful for anyone I know.

It is like you live on a different planet :frowning:

I share your blood-boiling nature when it comes to this stuff. These PRO-Steam shills are also defending a process they have no experience with… the person is brain-dead when they give the benefit of the doubt to VALVE (at this point).

And of course, because this is directing you to Steam Support, the only response you will get is:

We’re Sorry, Self-recovery is not available on your account.

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If you click No, they’ll get back to you in a week with:

We’re Sorry, Self-recovery is not available on your account.

Grrrrrrrrr Steam is @#$%'d up.

I appreciate the sentiment, but this thread exists to try and communicate with Steam moderators who have no idea how their own platform works and are unaware that Steam Support is a garbage chute.

Steam Support does not read anything addressed to them, and I am all but certain that the Steam global moderators have their heads so far up their own *** that they do not either. They would rather talk about how they think things work than listen to and assist users who know how things work and are in need of assistance.

I am locking this thread, and if a moderator actually reads this… unicorns are real.