Problem Tales OF Vesperia DE - Slutters

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with the excellent Tales Of Vesperia.
I use the Kaldaien fix to eliminate micro-slutters.

But once in games, I still have a lot of microslutters in battle and when i am running in level.

Thanks for your help if possible

PS: My config : Amd 3800x - RTX 3090 - 32Go ram 3200

By connecting my Xbox One controller in wifi (via the adapter) and not in Bluetooth, the performance is better
How is it possible ? :thinking:

Could be related to the game doing weird device polling every now and then.

Not the first time I’ve seen it happen. I once had a keyboard that caused some games to basically run at 1 FPS while it was connected for no apparent reason beyond those games polling the keyboard or its keys in a certain way that triggered a really obscure bug.

That’s not microstutter. Microsttuter is when you move through a city and the camera won’t stop stuttering.

People use the term as a catch-all for all sorts of things.

Remember back when it was mostly only used to refer to the whack frame pacing of SLI setups that caused microstuttering even in situations where the player otherwise had a perfect 60 FPS?

What I meant, was that’s not the issue that SK addresses in that game and refers to as microstutter :slight_smile: