Pretty Prinny/FAR

Do I still need these mods for Disgaea and Nier: Automata if I have the latest SKIF from this site? I’m not too sure how this all works now.

Game-specific mods usually have higher compatibility levels than a fully up to date version. This is a result of Kaldaien moving on and working on other games that might lower the compatibility with older games.

That said, at least NieR: Automata should be fine with using SKIF — Kaldaien implemented HDR support for it a few months ago so it is still relevant.

For Disgaea, I am unsure. Test it and see if SKIF works great with it, and if not use the old Pretty Prinny mod.

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Just checked Disgaea, Special K inject’s, but not as Pretty Prinny, so you should to use the old game-specific version.

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Is there a way I can tell which is the case for the rest of the games Kaldien has worked on such as Final Fantasy X/X-2, Tales games, etc? I haven’t used any of Kaldien’s mods in a while and with the move from Steam things are a little confusing.

Thanks for reading and replying.

It’s basically either:

a) Use the standalone game-specific mods.
b) Test a newer version of Special K to see if it works or not. If it does not, use the standalone game-specific mod.

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I think anything that used the old plugin format which I think is just TZFix, TSFix, TBFix, UnX and PrettyPrinny, it’s better to use that version.
While ones where the plugin is built into SpecialK itself, like FAR, it should be fine to just use the latest version of SpecialK.

Would definitely like to see some way for the old plugins to work with current versions of SK at some point and have them all just in the PlugIns folder, but I’ve no idea how much work that would be

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A ton of work :slight_smile: That’s why I abandoned that approach, the project got way too big for me to stay shackled down to the original design. If I had started with the knowledge I have today, it’d be different, but those old plug-ins are not easy to keep working.

@kaldaien will it eventually be possible to do everything with Special K that you could do with the old plugins?

Not for Disgaea. For NieR: Automata, all that stuff is built-in already.