Potential server troubles?

Occasionally it seems that Discourse becomes unresponsive for some seconds, or possibly doesn’t fully load – requiring a refresh or similar to repeat the HTTP request and get the page to appear.

Similarly, it seems that the confirmation mail might not arrive to users. This might due to external factors outside of our control.

Is there anything you can see at the backend @Kaldaien? From a moderator’s perspective we only have access to cached numbers based on a few hours ago, and so can’t seem to see the number of visitors in real-time or such.

Holy sent me the diagnostics data from an mail he received from Discourse, and the 2 hours delay that the message experienced was on the email service. It seems that their service might delay the delivery of mail initially as the sending IP and whatnot are unknown, and should slowly scale up delivery as the reputation increases.

@Kaldaien, you might be able to check in the email service’s control panel if, and how many, there’s any pending mail that has been accepted, but not delivered yet.

You’re not intended to simply be a moderator… promoting you to admin requires e-mail authorization, and I’m still waiting 24-48 hrs to be approved for SMTP relay.

However, I have implemented Steam logins and made it so anon users can at least see things. Login w/ Steam shouldn’t require e-mail checks.

Oooh, nice!

Also, can we lower the minimum character limit? It’s apparently set to 20, so I couldn’t just post the above response :frowning:

Also, existing users can connect to their Steam accounts by clicking on their avatar in the top right corner, then on their username, then on Preferences, and on the page that opens scroll down and check the “Associated Accounts” section.

I was able to enter without the confirmation email, that i never received.
Was also able to link my steam account inside the preferences.

Nice. I regularly check every couple of hours the users list for new unconfirmed users and manually activate accounts that needs it, so that was probably what allowed you to sign in.

The server was becoming unresponsive because I have to recompile the whole thing every time I change E-Mail settings and I was changing them quite frequently :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what a broken server looks like:


I’ve gotta waste time figuring that out tomorrow. On the bright side, looks like imgur.com’s not needed anymore :slight_smile: You can just copy + paste images directly into this forum.