POE (Path of Exile) crash at startup - 11.Beta

I tried getting the beta version of SpecialK shared in one of the forum posts to work with POE (Steam), however there is currently a crash at startup occurring with “Exception: Unsupported” error. However, to see if it is version specific issue I tried using the production release of SK and the game seems to launch fine with that.

My goal was to test the HDR feature to see how things look, and I can resort to using the old HDR feature set if required, however I now prefer to the new HDR settings over the old tweaking options.

Is there some compatibility mode that I can try enabling or should I just shelf the beta version for now and wait for the official release?

Sounds like it’s trying to use Fullscreen Exclusive for some reason and cannot. Try turning that off in-game without SK and then adding SK after. Some engines don’t get the hint when fullscreen mode switch fails.