Please add the option to disable "vram overbudget" message while playing

While playing a game with Special K, it can be disruptive to get a notification in the middle of the screen saying that my vram is “0% overbudget” or “0.1% overbudget” while playing a game. It’s especially annoying when it happens during a tough boss fight. I am aware it can only happen once each play session, but I humbly request that an option is added to the Special K menu to disable the “vram overbudget” popup.
If such an option already exists, I am unaware of it and did my best to look for one, but was unable to find any results.

you sure you’ve seen “0% overbudget” ? that doesn’t sound right to me…

as for the option to disable the warning… simply right click sk’s vram gauge; you’ll be able to configure when the warning would come up or even disable it if you want.

also, when you hover over sk’s vram gauge with the mouse cursor, a tooltip comes up that first says “Right-click to Configure VRAM Quotas or Reset Warnings” and then explains how SK’s vram gauge works.

SK may eventually get a better notification system, which may see this warning change shape and instead appear as an temporary popup in the corner for a few seconds or so.

But that is probably still far into the future.

Thank you for showing me how to disable the warning! Despite my best efforts I somehow missed that right click menu. I truly appreciate the help!