Place to upload JXRs to view in HDR online?

I have found that taking images using Windows 10 game bar takes a shot as JXR for HDR as well as png for SDR display [default Alt+Win+Prtsc]

Is there a place online to upload these? Primarily for others to view if they also have HDR monitors?

None that I know of :-\

Google has basically declared that WebP is the only HDR image format browsers will support. But I don’t know of any software that can assist with encoding HDR WebP images. It seems more time is needed for this stuff to mature before it’s in any way convenient :slight_smile:

Oh, nice… the docs were recently updated.

I may be able to build a custom tool to handle conversion to WebP. I’ll add it to a TODO list :slight_smile:

See if Google Drive has thumbnail support for JXR. If it does, use a publicly shared Google Drive folder and instruct users to download them to see the real HDR image.

well the only people I know with HDR are on this site so heres a jxr

its likely gonna look like shite considering I only have a 1080ti [lol only] and its on auto render scale for target fps – Windows 10 Photos App [default photo viewer] natively supports HDR in JXR so thats how to view the file. Which makes sense considering the game bar captures HDR and SDR clone image

Nope. Doesn’t look like you can create a custom thumbnail either, in which case the jpg versions would be useful.

No preview either.

Edit: I’m a tad late XD