Pillars of Eternity 2 deadfire achievements do not pop with SKIM


I am using SKIM with global injection (services run). While playing Poe2 steam version achievements will not pop. When I run the game without it achievements do pop. I tested this with the achievement for traps. You have to place 5 for it to pop. With the mod on it did not. When I restarted the game without the mod on and placed 5 traps again it did pop. It does not make a difference if I disable to steam overlay or not. I also does not matter if I start the game from steam or from the SKIM game manager.

Is there anyway to get the achievements to work with the mod on? Cause it makes the game run much better :slight_smile:

Found a solution to it, by using an older none skim version on steam. That seems to work :slight_smile: