Outward Microstutter

Hello, I just started playing Outward yesterday and noticed it has some really bad microstutter, even though the game says its always running at 61 FPS. After doing some research I found the following post;

Waiting on a response to stuttering… :: Outward General Discussions (steamcommunity.com)

I tried to apply Kaldaien’s fix from the middle of the page, though it uses an older version, however it introduces this strange horizontal screen tearing that is usually at the bottom of the screen but sometimes moves around. Anyone have any suggestions for this game?

Current specs
Ryzen 5 5600X
EVGA 3080 FTW3 Ultra
Playing on a Sony X900H

The issue doesn’t seem to be present on my LG27GL850 monitor, the TV doesn’t have its VRR update yet but I enjoy playing on it, am I out of luck?

often microstutter is a result of having vsync at 60hz… some games do it better but i notice the issue was worse when i had a more powerful gpu with the same monitor (i was in 1080p 60hz and upgrage from a gtx 560 ti to a 770 ti
the microstutter was worst than before with vsync… i had to use a frame limiter just below the refresh rate
my 60hz panel so i set the limiter at 59.990
and the frame pace was much better… it vary the games but when you got much horse power than the screen that can be more visible…
also on your tv make sure you set to game mode and there is no other processing from the tv

edit i play now on a x900f