Ontopreplica compatibility

Hey! been using the program for a while for hearthstone and am having a blast.
However, lately, I have also started using a program called Ontopreplica to manage multiple windows while gaming.
Ontopreplica(GitHub - LorenzCK/OnTopReplica: A real-time always-on-top “replica” of a window of your choice (on Windows).) creates a small clone of a background window which is always on top such that people with single monitor can have a similar experience of multi monitor.
However, i noticed that if I enable Special K for hearthstone, the window of Ontopreplica will not be always on top anymore and will vanish the second i click on hearthstone. This doesnt happen if i do not inject DLL using Special K.
Since the development of Ontopreplica has been stopped for a long time, I wonder if there is anyway to make special K and Ontopreplica compatible from this end? Is there any setting that allows me to disable the special K’s always-ontop setting?(window management prevent ontop doesnt work) or maybe a simple patch to make it compatible with ontopreplica?

Thanks very much