Old HDR vs New HDR implemented in Special K 0.11.1

I have been using special k official release for a while and now Im testing beta versions for 0.11.1. The thing I want to ask about is why it feels like Hdr colors were more vibrant in while in the new version the colors have a special pale tone color and also when I use the PASSTHROUGH tonemap mode the colors are still not vibrant as in the version of I know also that in ACES FILMIC mode I can increase saturation but still different than the HdR colors in the older version of specialk. Is there any way not to use any tonemap maybe I dont know? Im using nvidia RgB 8bit with dithering to 10 bit, also I tried Ycbr422 10 bit. I have included pics of the 2 hdr modes in version and 0.11.1.

v0.11.1 is sorta old by now. Have you tried the latest test versions available on the Discord server (link at the top of the page) ?

I will check it on Discord, although I remember that I downloaded a later version newer than 0.11.1. Also I noticed in when I choose HDR widget enabled there are Rec709 and Rec2020 to choose from but in later specialk versions they arent found anymore maybe the software automatically choose. Can it be the problem? Am I using nvidia control panel RgB 8 bit ditehering right? thank you for your quick reply.

No clue on the dithering thingy — that’s something I am clueless in.

As for the colorspace options, they were removed since they served no purpose beyond testing/diagnostics purposes.

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