Odd Text Garbled issue

Another really dumb question! So I upgraded to Special K v0.7.0.1, installed the mod fresh (Deleted the old folder and used only the new folder from 7.0.0 and the 7.0.1 executable), but I seem to have the weirdest issue in several games where text is randomly garbled, when SpecialK is enabled.

No piracy involved, since I know the mod doesn’t interact with that nonsense properly, these are just a couple of steam games. Cities Skylines and State of Decay 2 are the examples.

Turn off texture caching for textures without mipmaps (D3D11 / Texture Management / “Ignore Textures With No Mipmaps”), and if you could … could you make an entry on

https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/List_of_games_compatible_with_Special_K for these two games mentioning this?

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Okay sure, I can make the entries.

Further testing too: State of Decay 2 seems to crash when SpecialK is enabled, as well, intermittently at launch. But Sea of Thieves (Another UWP game originally) seems to work perfectly fine.

Can also confirm that disabling texture caching for textures without mipmaps succeeded in fixing Cities Skylines, at least. But the SpecialK overlay text appears garbled still, occasionally. That’s one good time machine you built :dizzy_face:

lol, yeah…

There’s a version.ini file that the original auto-update system used that is needed for the banner to display anything relevant. That feature was on the chopping block when Special K was planned to be released on Steam, and I have to bring it back now. Until then, that banner’s just going to say meaningless stuff :slight_smile:

LOL I had no idea that was intentional. Okay, thought that was a bug. Though that’s only 2 games I’ve tested, if I run across any more do you want me to just update here?

Sure, that’s easier than creating additional threads. There is a bug report sub-category, but it’s understandable you did not know whether this was a bug or something you misconfigured. If you encounter something you’re fairly certain is a bug, that Development | Bug Report category is a better fit.

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SoD 2 works absolutly fine, more than 100 hr with SpecialK. Make shure to not use Flip Model when game runs in fullscreen.