No Steering Wheel input in Assetto Corsa

I’m using SpecialK 0.11.1 beta (I really wanted to try new HDR capabilities).
The input from my Logitech G29 Steering Wheel doesn’t work at all in game, when I disable SpecialK it starts working again. I tried:


in Assetto Corsa’s config without any luck, but it could be because the game window is defferent .exe than the launcher so it could be using a different config. Does anybody here have any idea?
Assetto Corsa does actually work with SpecialK, contraty to other’s reports. If you have it enabled then the game won’t work, but if you disable it will work! There won’t be the overlay in the launcher, but it will start working when you press “drive” and the new window with the game appears.

I know nothing about wheels, but I’m pretty sure they don’t use XInput.

I cannot realistically test this, I don’t own the game or a PC racing wheel :-\ I had a phase where I had wheels for GranTurismo and Forza, but that was a long time ago :slight_smile:

Can you provide copies of Special K’s logs?

Thank you for replying. I deleted my previous config and logs and did a fresh start. As a new user I can’t upload attachments so I put them on Mega, I hope that’s fine.

It looks like a DirectInput problem, but I see a lot of other problems too, so SK might not work so great in that game.

Nevertheless, try adding this to your config file:


It’s a hidden INI setting, cause there were already way too many settings in the INI file and this setting rarely does anything helpful :stuck_out_tongue:

… and now I’ve gotta document that one as well…

That kind of defeats the purpose… no?

You already point users to config.cpp, and it’s among all of those parameters. It just happens to be one that’s not written to the INI file in order to keep the size manageable.

I’ve noticed the need of a more easily accessible section on how to disable Special K’s use of input APIs, and so I intend to create a separate section that mentions both XInput and DirectInput parameters (and HID and PS4 as well I guess).

Okay, make sure to add EnableDirectInput7 as well :slight_smile:

I will be adding that as an INI option in the next release. Forgot to do that when I initially wrote DInput7 support (still amuses me that in ~2018 I had to write support for DInput7 for a new game – JRPG, of course).

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I assume that fixed the problem?

Can you do me a favor and re-enable that option, but instead use this test version?

SpecialK64.7z (7.5 MB)

I disabled device caching for input devices SK doesn’t care about (e.g. anything that’s not a mouse / keyboard / gamepad) :slight_smile:

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Wow, you wrote this before I managed to finish my reply. I deleted EnableDirectInput8=false from the config and while normal 0.11.1 dll didn’t have any steering input, the new one did. So this fix works!
Thank you so much, this fixed it. This game works surprisingly well with HDR tonemapping.
So is config.cpp the only documentation of all the settings or are there any other guides? Oh and where should I add this games to compatible games? On PCGamingWiki or should I also do it somewhere else?

config.cpp is the master list of config settings, really esoteric settings that nobody ever uses can be found there :slight_smile:

I think the more useful settings are all explained in PCGamingWiki (or easily found within SK’s control panel).

The game’s not technically compatible at the moment, since the DLL I had you test is unreleased. But I think PCGamingWiki is generally the place to do so, and you might want to add a comment about v 0.11.1 being needed for racing wheel input.

Nice find Jacek. I was hoping for this game to be compatible with Special K and you found a way. Game looks superb in HDR!


I love this community. So much more … civil than when I was trying host this stuff on the Steam forums, lol.

Wish I’d jumped ship years ago.


Interesting, guess copying over some of the settings stuff into the ini file made me miss that some of them weren’t written in by default.

Thought the hidden settings were the CPU and IO sections plus on systems lacking it the NVIDIA SLI options.

These options, they get automatically deleted if added manually.




Also good to know for reference thought disabling XInput and Direct Input hooking could cause issues if the game relied on these and SpecialK denied hooking them up, maybe that’s not how it works then. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Some of the ways that input works or barely works or doesn’t work at all in some titles though I suppose that’s not unexpected, some software has the oddest problems with these in terms of reliance or compatibility.

Man i bought HDR TV hooked it to PC and it was for no use practicaly. Only Destiny 2 and efootball PES 2020 had nice HDR profiles. I was thinking about being Patreon but only two games worked so i thought i will wait…but now most of my favorite games work. So im gonna be Patreon . Thanks man for this stuff …its awesome!