Nier: Replicant on Steam

We might need Kaldaien’s fancy fancy little fingers over here to do for the new Nier: Replicant what he did for Automata. :^)

Noticing quite a few FPS issues and a lack of PC control over said FPS and its related issues. Seriously, locking the game’s logic to its FPS? Did we learn NOTHING from Fallout 76? The in-game frame limiter doesn’t even really work either… :dizzy_face:

Apparently, there’s also a janky and terrible way they handle ultrawide involving black bars, and a huge portion of people have massive random frame dips?

Just putting this out here, maybe someone can sort out if special K can help as it’s helped so many other games with these issues.

Join the Discord and look in #nier-replicant :slight_smile:

Good to know it’s already being worked on! I was just attempting to signal boost anyways hah, will leave this up for anyone else who may not know about the discord server.

The Discord in question (for easy linking):