Nier Replicant mouse spin issue?

Hello everyone,
After using Special K mod for Nier Replicant, my mouse is spin like mushroom head does.
I record a clip and upload to my youtube channel hope someone can see it.

OMG, I never successly using special K’s mod even from I played Nier:Automata.

Restart the game and see if that fixes it, or ensure you’re using the latest version of NieR: Replicant/Special K.

One of Special K’s features is a “hide mouse cursor”, which I believe can misfire and cause that issue if it detects a controller connected, but later versions really should’ve taken care of that issue. If it occurs, it’s usually just a matter of opening/closing the menu a few times, or the Steam overlay, or such.

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----------------Round 2----------------
Alright, I restart the game and the spin issue is no longer exist.
Well, some new problem came out.

I become a peaceful man, both left and right button don’t respond. I can’t attack anyone at all.
Maybe I should give up installing MOD for now…sacrifice a goat or two.

----------------Round 3----------------
Ah~~~I restart the game again. I can attack anyone I want hooray.

It turns out once I press Ctrl+Shift+Backspace, and click anything. The mouse would definitely go wrong some how. Like a random curse pot.

I must forgot to say.
Thank you for your patience

It’s because the game’s camera is weirdly mapped to the mouse, and since entering SK’s control panel reveals the mouse but prevents the game from resetting the cursor position to the center of the screen, the view starts spinning randomly.

Just configure SK as desired and then don’t open the control panel, or open the control panel when you’re in the pause menu of the game :+1: