Nier Replicant freezing on exclusive fullscreen mode with a dual sense controller

Hello, I’m using the latest version of SpecialK, and using my Dual Sense Controller is freezing the game when running on exclusive full screen mode especially when trying to go to the specialk settings. I don’t have any other apps running besides steam. Are there any actions or tweaks I can change to get it working with the game properly?

you could switch the game to borderless in the in-game settings before launching it with sk

and/or update to a newer version of special k

also, it’s recommended to disable steam input for the game in the steam client since steam input’s known to cause issues in this game…

Did all the steps. Guess exclusive full screen not supported with dualsense.

Guess I will have to stick with borderless fullscreen for now.

but there’s no good reason to use exclusive fullscreen in this game anyway