Nier Replicant crashing

Hi, I recently started playing nier replicant and the game crashes from time to time. It happened 5 times in the ~ 15 hours I’ve played so far and everytime it happened during a loading screen. I don’t get an error message.
Twice it closed Steam in the background.
I’m on Windows 10 (latest version) and use Special K’s latest stable build with the default settings.
I have an Nvidia GPU and my drivers are up-to-date.
Does anyone know what might be the issue?

It just crashed again. This time the world was missing a bunch of textures. Grass was still there but the ground and rocks were missing. The next loading screen crashed the game.

i guess you’re having these crashing with and without sk.

i’m not sure why you’re having that issue. that’s not really normal…

maybe try verifying the integrity of the game’s files through the steam client

and/or uninstall the game from the steam client and then delete the game’s folder if it’s still there (uninstalling a game from steam won’t get rid rid of external files in the game’s folder… and so the game’s folder may still be there and i recommend deleting it then). after that, reinstall the game from steam.

you could also try reinstalling your gpu drivers.

also, make sure steam input is disabled for the game in the steam client. steam input is known to cause some issues especially in this game…

I just played for ~3 hours without Special K and the game didn’t crash.
Yesterday I had the missing textures again and when I opened the task manager it said that I don’t have enough free ram available (Nier was using 80%). I have 16 GB of ram so it should be enough. I then kept an eye on the ram usage after restarting (still with Special K) and the ram usage just went up over time and never went down.
Edit: I tried disabling steam input but that didn’t help and I verified my game files.

i don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone else reporting such a thing with this game using sk :confused:

did you try any of the suggestions i mentioned ? also, is this a cracked version of the game ?

It’s the official steam version.

I tried verifying the game files and disabling steam input.

I haven’t tried reinstalling the whole game and the GPU drivers yet.

Since I won’t be home for a couple of days I can’t try that right now.

I guess you can also try turning off sk’s texture caching option

you can uncheck this and restart the game:


but unchecking that for nier replicant is not normally needed :confused:

Thanks, I’ll try that and report back.