Nier Automata won't boot up after new update

Since the new update of Special K I can’t boot up Nier Automata with Special K. It always boots up for 1 sec and then shuts down. Any idea how to fix this please ?

if you’re still having problems, I suggest updating to the latest version from the SK discord if you haven’t already

you can do it from SKIF by setting the “check for updates to special k” to “on each launch” and to “discord (updates regularly)” - then restart SKIF


that or simply download and run the latest installer from the #installers channel in the SK discord

latest version as of now is 22.6.25

if you’re wanting to use local sk injection, then you can grab the latest SpecialK64.dll, rename that SpecialK64.dll to dxgi.dll, and then place the dxgi.dll in your game folder

you can also try resetting your config. a way you can do that is by deleting your SpecialK.ini (or dxgi.ini if using local SK injection) and your FAR.ini - new ones will be automatically created next time you launch your game

also make sure that you’re not running steam or the game as admin

additionally, when using SK, some apps known to cause issues are nzxt cam, rivatuner, razer synapse, anti-virus…

another thing, if you happen to still have a really old version of SK/FAR from before the july 2021 patch of the game… you may want to see this (to get rid of that old version / old files first)-

also I suggest setting the game to borderless in the in-game settings before launching the game with SK/FAR

and then install the newer version of SK/FAR per the suggestions from my previous post