Nier Automata lighting is broken with most recent FAR\SK

Most recent version of FAR, the one you can download with NAHM (version 22.5.30) completely breaks lighting in many areas, mostly indoors - forest castle and factory indoor section with side view are pitch black with only fog making something visible.

This bug is not present in old non HDR version.

Also there is some weird square at left side of screen which cant be removed.

I suggest updating to the latest version from the SK discord

you can do it from SKIF by setting the “check for updates to special k” to “on each launch” and to “discord (updates regularly)” - then restart SKIF


that or simply download and run the latest installer from the #installers channel in the SK discord

latest version as of now is 22.6.25

if you’re wanting to use local sk injection, then you can grab the latest SpecialK64.dll, rename that SpecialK64.dll to dxgi.dll, and then place the dxgi.dll in your game folder

you can also try resetting your config. a way you can do that is by deleting your SpecialK.ini (or dxgi.ini if using local SK injection) and your FAR.ini - new ones will be automatically created next time you launch your game

also, maybe try removing your GPU drivers with DDU and then update/reinstall your GPU drivers

that “weird square at the left of the screen that can’t be removed” sounds like something graphics related that i’ve seen people report before… and i believe i’ve also seen people reporting that using DDU to clear their GPU drivers and then updating/reinstalling their drivers fixed their issue

Thanks but all of this suggestions missing 2 points - im not talking about generic SK im talking about FAR version of SK, and it does not happen with older FAR!

Removal of FAR also fixes this problem, so its not driver issue and ddu cleanup would not help, its something in a code of FAR that does that. Square seems like some glitchy piece of overlay, and pitch black lighting in some areas and dissapearance of lighting under certain angles and objects turning black is obviously a symptom related old and glitchy “performance” hack with setting Nier lighting shaders to low, mid and ultra in FAR. Despite default value is set (because setting is absolete and last update of game added better working lighting option) and it supposed to keep game untouched it seems to still affect lighting effects and causing these glitches.

Sorry I’m waiting for response of K, he is the only one capable to look at code of SK and fix this. Do not suggest to reinstall drivers and reboot my computer like tech support outsourced to india, please. These are obviously not the reasons, when it said that older version of FAR works just fine, so please pay more attention to cause and effect to not waste your time on suggestions that will obviously not help.

SK is FAR is SK. There is no separate release of SK (aka FAR) geared for Automata, nor do we cooperate with the authors of NAHM so we have no control over what version of SK they bundle.

And again, SK and FAR is one and the same. The NieR: Automata tweaks of SK that is known as “FAR” haven’t received an update in like 1-2 years or so.

Since NAHM have apparently bundled SK 22.5.30, and SK had various graphical related issues recently due to Kal working on HDR related stuff, Gias’ recommendation to update to a newer version of SK (aka “FAR” if you really want to use that synonym) is apt.

Please do so so we can exclude an outdated copy of Special K as being the cause.

If it turns out to be an outdated copy you’d have to request the NAHM team to update to the latest version.