Nier Automata HDR issues

I’ve been trying to get HDR to work for me in Nier, but unfortunately i can’t seem to figure out. regardless of what i do, the best i managed is having it work in game, but all the menus are either a black screen or a white scree. i’ve tried multiple versions of SK, both with local and global injection, on clean installs of the game, clearing the SK settings each time.
I have set the in game resolution settings to my desktop resolution (3440x1440), and in windowed mode.
I then enable the resolution override in SK, set AO/Bloom res to native, the window style to borderless fullscreen, and enabled swapchain. at this point everything works fine, but once i turn on HDR (regardless of any settings in the HDR widget), the menus no longer show up :frowning:
I have no other mods, injectors, overlays, or anything of the sort.
What am i doing wrong?

  1. Turn off MSAA
  2. Set 8-bit Remastering
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…that was incredibly quick, and it even worked first try. i am amazed. i have to assume this was mentioned somewhere but i still managed to miss it… thank you so much.
I’ll just check though, by turning off MSAA you mean the in game AA setting, right? i can’t find such a setting in SK when in windowed mode.
i’m also running into this weird issue where, despite SK being set to borderless FS, it won’t actually center the game on the display and it just remains as a window offset down to the right. any ideas here?
edit 2: actually i think it works as long as i keep the window in focus and don’t move it around. interesting.