Nier Automata controller issue

Quick question and thank you all:
1.Start game with steam, everything OK.
2.Launch game with Special K, controller goes crazy when in the menu ingame: it moves supper fast in the menu interface, hard to land on a specific choice.

Disable the use of input APIs in Special K, tried, not work as expected.

Any idea of compeletely remove the controller part of Special-K?

The onlything I need for special-k is the remove 60fpscap function.

Thank you so much again!

I am having the exact same issue. With FAR disabled everything is fine. I tried playing with all input options in the Special K menu but nothing helped. I also asked on Discord, so if someone answers there I will report back here.

So the people in the discord wrote that this happens if the fps cap is raised in the menus above 60fps. I did not change any setting and the fps was capped to 60 in the menus, so that was not my problem. I just started playing and then noticed that in the menus while playing everything was fine. So it is only the first menu after starting that is bugged. Still no idea why, but as everything else works fine it does not bother me.