NieR Automata: Controller *bug*(?)

I’ve been having a problem with NieR automata.
I bought it a feew days ago and I was using the keyboard to play, then i decided to buy a controller to play it. I’ve configurated it at steam, and i managed to play with the controller, but after a few minutes, something really werid happened.
I was in the middle of a fight and the left joystick started opening the weapon menu, that should open with the arrows, the arrows still opened the menu and the right joystick started doing attacks (?) rather than moving the camera.
i thought it was the controller at first, but then i realized it couldn’t be the controller, since it only happened at NieR.
Any ideas?

The Steam overlay or other third-party input management software may be to blame. This isn’t something that SK does (it’s passive, doesn’t change input).

A local install of SK may help. It’s usually installed by copying SpecialK64.dll to the game’s directory and naming it dinput8.dll.