Newbie help: HDR options missing/ how get latest version of SKIF?

Afternoon. Just signed up to ask a specific question. I’m new to Special K but already blown away by the HDR injection ability. I’ve been a big fan of Sweetfx and Reshade for years and I love stuff like this. Major respect to all who are involved in creating this!

However, regarding the HDR function specifically I don’t see the options for tweaking that appear in the Digital Foundry video i.e. there are no tone mapping options or other stuff. All I see are white peak and sdr-hdr gamma sliders etc.

I’ve downloaded the version from the “download” link at the top of this website and when I launch it’s:

"Special K Injection Frontend - v (OCt 9 2020)". I’m guessing this is an ‘old’ version that doesn’t have the new options? Where is this 0.11.1 version that seems to be referenced everywhere, or is it not released to the public yet? Sorry if it’s obvious but I just can’t find anything newer.

P.S. I’m using an LG OLED C8 for HDR testing so don’t know if your specific display has any relevance or not to what HDR tweaking options are available? I’m guessing not.

SKIF is different than SpecialK. SKIF is used for, mostly, starting and stopping the global injector. If you look at the bottom of this page:, you can see download links for an updated version of some version of 0.11.1. Just overwrite those in the folder where you put SKIF (I’d recommend “My Documents/My Mods/SpecialK”). From there you either need to do global injection, see this wiki article, or setup Local Injection, see this wiki article. You should then able to turn on the HDR Widget from the SpecialK Control Panel in-game. There are some wiki articles on it as well, if you want to look at these. Do note, the wiki is currently under heavy development, so that information is constantly getting updated and changed.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’m still lost though.

Not sure I made it clear in my first post but I have managed to set up and test a couple of games in HDR alrerady (Alien Isolation and Prey so far) and get HDR working. So I can get the HDR widget up to tweak things etc. That was the point of my first post - the options I see for tweaking are not like those in the Digital Foundry video i.e.
I see no tone mapping options or other new stuff, as referenced in the DF video. All I see are white peak and sdr-hdr gamma sliders etc.

I’ve just downloaded the 2 files (special k 64 and special k 32) at the very foot of this page

…and then overwritten the 2 that are already in “My Documents/My Mods/SpecialK” which is where I have set it up anyway. When I launch SKIF it still says v (Oct 9 2020)

What am I missing or doing wrong here?

SKIF’s version didn’t change, Special K’s did.

Just launch your game after replacing those DLLs with Global Injection enabled, and the new version will be loaded.

Ahaaaaa. Got it. After a bit of jiggery pokery and using those 2 DLLs mentioned above I’ve got his working as it should and can now see the new tonemapping and other hdr options! Thanks very much.

This HDR feature is such an amazing bonus I’ll have a lot of fun experimenting with.


There used to be a calibration guide for all those new knobs and dials… but I scrapped it, we’re in the middle of writing Special K’s wiki right now.

I’d suggest at least reading the descriptions of Paper White and Middle Gray Contrast on the partial Wiki page.

Cheers Kaldaien will do

I’m actually a photographer/ video guy by trade so am pretty familiar (obsessed) with tweaking visuals to be the very best they can be. After being frustrated with the ‘native’ HDR implementations in some games these days, I can see me using SpecialK instead to get stuff looking just right!