Need help running SK along with Yakuza 2

I messed with SK a lil around the time digital foundry (I think it was) had a look at the utility but not messed with it for nearly…2ish years now so im not sure, do I need a specific version for Yakuza 2? (And where would I get that specific version…) Any specific settings I should enable for it cause it seems its a problematic game and my 2080ti is struggling at 4k with it.

Also does it work with silent patch/make silent patch no longer relevant for the game?

Also I am using an HDR display (Samsung q80R) if it matters.

No, there is no specific version for Yakuza 2. All Yakuza engine games have the same texture memory leak though, so SK will probably detect that and give you options to fix texture caching in the control panel.

Unfortunately i’m just getting a black screen in Yakuza with it. I didn’t have time to do a ton of troubleshooting but yeah it starts and I never get the sega splash screen

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