Need API keys for services I do not use

You may have noticed, Steam is now a login option. That was fairly simple, but things get complicated if I want to use any of the other popular ID providers.

I have never used the following services, much less have any hope of acquiring an API key for them without creating an account:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram

If anyone were willing to provide API keys for these other services, it’d help out A LOT. I do expect that most users will just go for the Steam login, but the more login options the better.

I’ve sent you the details for Discord API.

Got it, thanks. :high_brightness:

The steam login is working great, thanks!

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No problem :slight_smile: Trying to make this transition as painless as possible. It’s a big change, but keeps us far away from psychopath moderators and things that’ll really help me during dev., such as polls.

Login With Google is supported now.

I think this covers most of the logins that people who use Special K would actually have. The other social networks are way on the other side of any Venn diagram including Special K :stuck_out_tongue:

It turned out the Discord connection wasn’t properly set up on the Discord side of things (a callback redirect URL was needed), but that has now been taken care of and signing in using Discord should now work properly as well.

Hot Take: Facebook and Instagram should not even be an option. For obvious reasons, no one should ever be supporting Facebook or any of it’s subsidiaries.

I think the important ones are all functional now. I tried to get Twitch working, but it wasn’t happy about one thing or another… plus I think my users prefer to play games than either watch games or simp for female streamers – I hope they do anyway, but you’re entitled to do with your time as you please :wink:

Hey, have you thought about GOG / Galaxy API? Those of us who migrated from Steam use that too :slight_smile:

GOG API Documentation


I’ve looked into it and sadly couldn’t find an existing Discourse plugin that supported the GOG API. :frowning_face:

Not as simple as I imagine the other ones was.

Ah, that sucks but no worries. I understand.

That reminds me… one of my biggest gripes about GOG Galaxy is that the API is not publicly documented :frowning: I would be more willing to embrace the platform if they were as transparent as Valve is with SteamAPI.

This is odd, considering CD Projekt likes to market themselves as DRM free, yet they go and hide their platform integration details. Not the most mod friendly practice.

I can’t help but wonder that part of it is, well, like the unofficial API documentation states at the beginning:

get ready for a wild ride into a world where GET and POST don’t mean anything and consistency is a lucky mistake.

That’s for the web API. GET and POST really don’t mean anything for the client API :slight_smile:

The Galaxy client API is the one that interests me for Special K. Initially because I wanted to disable the API’s worker threads in my Steam games, but now because I don’t want to buy games on Steam anymore and wish there were an alternative platform I could build SK’s extra features on top of.

Well, whenever Epic finalizes the features of their client API you could always play around with that. For now it’s limited to an in-game overlay for in-app purchasing, friends list/invites, and achievements – and almost no games supports all of those features of the overlay today. :laughing:

Funnily enough, technically EOS is available to third-party developers for free and open to any engine, platform, or store, so one could maybe leverage it to build something that worked cross-storefront, I guess. Based on the docs for the EOS overlay, it’s intended to come as a redistributable installer package in the future (and not be limited to the Epic Games Launcher).

lol, that would be one hell of an :fu: to Steam if Epic can get their act together and build out their platform and SK’s platform features morph into Epic. Even more, if I somehow manage to get SK onto the “Game Store” (doubt they have interest in publishing applications).

GOG Galaxy is appealing as well, since there is no client-side DRM my pirate problems disappear. Ironically, I do not care in the slightest about the majority of copy protection schemes, save for the fact that pirated versions of said games are identical to legitimate copies when copy protection is absent. I can happily do my work in peace without wasting time debugging cracked games.

It will take an eternity for any platform to catch up to Steam and give me the same toys to build off of, but there is hope.

@Kaldaien | @Aemony,

I think you should submit Special K to GOG and see what kind of tools they’ll offer you for implementation. I know GOG gives users easy access to older versions of software AND they host “MODS” for certain games on their own store page (listed as FREE as well) so I would be interested in seeing that for Special K; listed on it’s own store page complete with all the developer tools and platform capabilities (whatever those may be from a developer standpoint.)

Submit Special K here:

Then let them contact you to establish a line of communication and proceed from there.

For Your Consideration,

Example of The Witcher 3 product options:

(Product Listing in user’s library)

(Product menu w/options in user’s library)

Unfortunately, I cannot make use of any of that stuff unless CD Projekt changes their policy on the GOG Galaxy API. I would have to make part of Special K closed source :-\

They are not Consumer Freindly.
Look at their stance of the Linux Community, Condeming them off of a strawman, from their blatant scan they ran years back. Frauds’