Move My Mods folder anywhere else?


I’d like to know if there is a way to move the My Mods folder anywhere else ?


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[Posting for notifications] I’d also like to know. My OS is on an SSD and My Mods being in Documents is causing problems as some games require Global Injection.

Special K does not have a built-in way of managing this, I believe. Though you might be able to leverage some type of symlink in Windows to redirect the Documents\My Mods folder to whatever location you desire.

Though I am unsure how Special K would handle this sort of setup… @Kaldaien would have to clarify if there’s any potential concerns with the approach.

See the below article for everything you otherwise need to know about symlinks:

I’ve thinked about symlink but never tried it. I will try that.
As a result i would like to embed the My Mods folder in each game where i use it.