Monster Hunter World DX12 support

Hi, I’m new here, but I have used the Special k mod for quite a while.

I was wondering if, now that Capcom seems to be moving on to other things (MH rise), there was any consideration of dx12 support in MHW.

There is a possibility that I missed something, and it does support dx12 now, as I managed to get it to launch once today with dx12 enabled(tho I have no idea how.) If that is the case, some support getting it running would be greatly appreciated.

I am not entirely sure where to post this, I hope posting in games is ok.


I got MHW to work. Re-installed stracker’s and crc bypass, reset the .ini, and disabled dx11 in the new .ini. I ain’t sure what did it, tho I think it’s the last one.

When it launches, I can pres ctrl+shift+backspace and it seems to bring up an invisible and uninteractable special k UI. If I’m not mistaken it is supposed to do this right? But for all, I know it could be “working” but not actually working.

Update update:

I am sure that it is working, as I got the frame rate limiter to work. Not so sure that hdr tone-mapping works as it does in dx11 on my SDR display. I am trying to get rid of the god awful bloom on anything remotely bright.

Neither HDR tonemapping nor SK’s in-game OSD work in D3D12 :-\

The control panel sort of works, it just can’t render anything and thinks the window is 0x0 :stuck_out_tongue: I’d avoid trying to open it, because it will still do some of the things the control panel normally does (i.e. block input to the game until you close it).

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I did not expect a reply from the legend himself!:slight_smile:

I’ll keep the osd and the tonemap in mind.

Any chance on advice with the bloom?
I’m tempted to see if I can get reshade to fix it but I haven’t gotten it to work when I tried in the past.

Unfortunately, ReShade was built to go the other way around. It can add effects, it’s not capable of modifying or removing them.

SK’s also not capable of modifying or removing effects in D3D12 :-\ I think the performance overhead required to track effects in real-time is too high for it to be practical in D3D12, but I really have not done a lot of work in D3D12 to date so maybe someday.

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