Monster Hunter Stories 2 with G-Sync

MH Stories 2 only engages g-sync when in fullscreen mode. At first, I thought it was using g-sync when in borderless mode, but it isn’t. It briefly engages when the game first launches but immediately disengages. Special K shows that its presentation mode is composed copy with CPU GDI.

I want to enable Flip presentation mode using Special K. When I do this, however, the game either crashes or freezes once it gets past the Capcom logo and tries to display the first menu graphics. Any advice?

I have the crash logs here: MH Stories 2 - Google Drive

update your version of special k

you’re using quite an old version according to the logs

:rofl: What is CRAPCOM up to now?

01/20/2024 06:00:22.917: [DLL Loader] ( game.exe ) loaded ’ d3d9.dll’ < LoadLibraryA> { ‘CHECKSUMAPI_OBFUSCATE_NORMAL_CODEMARKER’ }
01/20/2024 06:00:23.179: [ DXGI ] [!] D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain (Flags=0x0) – [ game.exe <CHECKSUMAPI_OBFUSCATE_NORMAL_CODEMARKER>, tid=0x2aa4 ]

I’d try a newer version of SK, see our Discord for more details. #nightly-builds has new versions with CAPCOM DRM workarounds.

The D3D9 thing is concerning, you can’t use D3D9 and D3D11 on the same window, otherwise the application is stuck in GDI mode. Hopefully that’s not what’s going on here, but it is odd.

Also, I’ll probably forget to respond to you here :-\ It’ll be easier to follow-up on Discord.

open the special k injection frontend app, then go to the settings, and set the check for updates section to “Discord (updates regularly)”

then hit the button to check for updates-


after updating your version of special k, go the library tab, select your game from the list of games, then right click on SpecialK.ini, and click on reset


then try launching your game again

edit: or yeah you can join the special k discord and grab the latest nightly-build from the #nightly-builds channel as Kal suggested

Oh really? That’s surprising, I recall it notifying me when a new version was available. I’ll check out Discord, thanks.

edit: Ah, thanks, Gias.

24.1.17 unfortunately behaves the same. I updated the logs in both folders. It seems to crash if I open the SK GUI and freeze if I don’t.

This is all “injection” behavior, by the way. Using the local DLL method instead of using injection causes the game to display only a black screen and never proceed.

Observation: When not using SK (the game runs successfully), the FPS display, from the Steam overlay, briefly disappears for a fraction of a second at that moment.

edit: taking the discussion to Discord

Kaldaien has fixed this as of