Modern Warfare 2 - silent crash

Trying to start MW2 singleplayer with specialK. Game silently crashes almost instantly.
I have tried some troubleshooting tips from the wiki with no success.

Log examples (with troubleshooting and after reseting the .ini settings)

Thanks for your help, im fairly new to all this.

Just FYI, you’re using a version of SK dated October of last year. Latest version available through the Download link on top is from April of this year.

As for your issue, see if disabling the Steam enhancements of SK solves it. Do this by opening the SK config file, locating [Steam.Log] and set Silent=true

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Thanks for the feedback.

I have switched to new version. And tried the enhancement disabling. Unfortunately no difference.

Untill now i tried:

  • disabling steam enhancements

  • disabling On-Screen Display

  • disabling all unrelated render API hook

  • disabling all unused input API hooks

  • tried a few different versions of specialK

New crash log - new version, enhancements disabled

Also should clarify that game dosent crash when the service is not running and that specialK works fine on my other steam games. Also game dosent have any windows compatibility settings enabled.

UUuuhhh, those logs still suggests the enhancements are enabled?

Can you post the SpecialK.ini file you’re using?

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Oh damn you are right. I have changed the [SpecialK.System] Silent settings instead of [Steam.Log] one.
SpecialK seems to work correctly now.

Thanks a lot!

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