Minor problem using special K to add HDR to SDR videos with MPC-HC

Hi, so it works great, but when I close the player (or when it does automatically) the MPC-HC process remains … “active”, I see it in the monitor section of the SKIF, forcing me to first closing it there or via the Task manager before I can open a new session…
Doesn’t happen when I use MPC without SK, or with other games/programs (i.e VLC).
Any idea ?
Thx in advance!

ps: first timer here, so i hope I posted in the right section (I was tempted by “support” or “bug report”) & sorry non-native english speaker here :slight_smile:

Ok problem solved, I just updated to the last version (i had it checking to website, switched to discord & yep, I had missed a few)
Activated Shelly the ghost too, but I doubt that fixed it :smile: