Mercenaries 2 on Origin changing the refresh rate from 60Hz

I have been trying to change the refresh rate from the default 60Hz to 120Hz in Mercenaries 2 on Origin using SpecialK, but it seems like the game really does not want to play nice or boot up at all.

I originally got the Securom “A required security module cannot be activated. This program cannot be executed (8007)” error, but then tried disabling “UseCrashHandler” in the SpecialK d3d9.ini. This stopped the error from showing up, but the game won’t launch at all or appear in task manager.

Has anyone had any better luck getting this game to play with an alternate refresh rate?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Was this with the latest version of Special K ? There were a bunch of SecuROM Anti-Tamper related changes a while ago that should now be public that might or might not solve them. The changes were geared mostly towards games like Crysis 3 which while SecuROM proper is disable still has its Anti-Tamper components active.

If it still happens with one of the latest version of Special K (the download link on the top has the latest stable public release), then it’s probably another incompatibility with SecuROM… You might have to crack the game to work around it…? :expressionless:

Try setting Silent=True and disabling logging. Certain anti-piracy and anti-cheat softwares detect SpecialK as a reverse engineering tool and try to block it.

Thank you for the responses, I really appreciate the suggestions.

For SpecialK version, I was originally using v11.5, but after posting I tried redownloading whichever the most recent version is on this page and unfortunately am still having the same results. I have been using the SpecialK install method of dragging the SpecialK32.dll into the folder, then changing its name to d3d9 since this is a Directx9 game. I also tried using a NO-CD exe and unfortunately had the same result as the exe provided with Origin in that the game doesn’t come up at all.

Setting Silent=True, disabling any logging I could see, and UseCrashHandler=false did keep the SecuROM error from appearing, but unfortunately the game just does not want to boot.

It’s almost as if the game is so hardcoded for 60Hz that any alteration makes it freak out. Similarly, changing Refresh rate from 60Hz to 120Hz in the Mercs.ini file that comes with the game causes the game to throw a fit and reject any resolution provided by the user, resetting back to 640x480 no matter what.