Menu text is garbled

I think this happened after I tried a local install of an older version. Which I then removed. Now SK is botched for that game tho not for others. (That’s what I suspect based on what I was doing, but I can’t be sure.)

So er, what’s going on, and how could I reset SK/the game? Deleted all settings and caches and things I could find so far.

That issue is typically experienced on older versions used with Unity games. It is caused by the texture cache of SK not functioning properly with that combo with its default settings.

Easiest way is to disable the texture cache and restart the game.

Yea, I was looking here: Common Issues | Special K - The Official Wiki

And considered maybe it was the same issue. But it has instructions about doing it from inside SK. Which made me think it it’s really the same issue - because SURELY they would not put instructions that could not be followed (because you have no idea what you’re clicking on).


Can you be a little bit more explicit as to how you expect me to do this?

Open the Special K config file for the game, search for “Texture” until you hit upon “TextureCache” or something similar. Set that parameter to 0.

Typically the issue only affects text letters of the game itself, and not Special K, which is why the wiki is written as it were.

That did absolutely nothing.

On another note - this is a DX9 game.

Ah, no clue then. I would recommend uninstalling SK for that game or try another version perhaps. DX9/D3D9 support in SK isn’t a priority any longer and will most likely deteriorate more and more going forward.

I recommend throwing DXVK (DX9-to-Vulkan) or dgVoodoo (DX9-to-DX11) at the game.

Doing a local SK install fixes the garbled menus. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This ended up apparently being caused by the game being 32-bit and not having the LAA (4GB) flag applied to it. The letters appear as white blocks because the game runs out of VRAM as a result.

It is recommended to apply the LAA/4GB flag on the executable.

I’ve documented this particular issue on the wiki for future reference: