Main Menu Freezing in Fallout 4

As the title states, when I run Fallout 4 (in a borderless window) with the global injection service running the game almost instantly freezes at the main menu. I say almost instantly because I am allowed to get passed the “press any key” prompt after the opening credit slides but once I reach the main menu the game freezes and the game’s process is listed in the Task Manager as unresponsive.

It also appears to prevent the game from entering borderless windowed mode, as instead of expanding to cover the entirety of my screen it remains in the upper left corner and only takes up about a quarter of it.

I am not enforcing any custom driver settings but I am using mods, some of which do have their own dll files. I can provide additional information if needed.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

May not work in your case but try turning off the PhysX Debris option.