Mafia Definitive Edition fake HDR?

Hi, everyone.

Has anybody tried the new Mafia DE remake? Supposedly it supports HDR (by turning HDR on the windows display settings first), however it seems it is not working as intentended, as it feels like it is just taking the SDR signal into HDR which is not quite the thing. Would it be possible to use Special K to fix this? If so, how?


Mafia 3 supposedly had HDR too, but only on consoles. I suspect that’s also the case here. Which is a bit annoying considering I bought the PC version without knowing this.

I’ve tried injecting HDR into the game using SK but it seems to break the image (everything is either completely black or white) so I’m not sure if there’s anything that can be done.

Have you tried different render pass settings? Mess around with the 8 bit, 10 bit, and 11 bit options in the HDR widget to see if any combination fixes your issue. I don’t own the game so i can’t check for myself.

Yeah I’ll give that a go, see what happens.

Try moving the SDR brightness slider with HDR in Windows enabled. If the game brightness changes, then it doesn’t support HDR through Windows.

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You mean the SDR slider in the Windows Display options when HDR is engaged? I don’t think it’s gonna change because my guess is that the game indeed passes metadata to my TV to engage HDR inside the game (TV tells me so, something which doesn’t happen with Halo MCC), but it’s not doing its work as intended. Will test the pass settings combinations and I’ll come back.

The game does not support HDR on Windows. That HDR metadata your TV is receiving comes from Windows automatic SDR-to-HDR tone mapping.

Special K seems to be able to retrofit HDR into the game though, so that’s cool. I haven’t found a good combination of settings though yet.

I’ve been running the game in HDR successfully by disabling 8, 10 and 11 bit remastering. Not sure which combination of the latter two causes it, but having remastering on causes some of the bright lights and dark tones to really blow out.

Looks pretty good without the remastering options enabled though! There is a slight issue with even brightness however, where some scenes aren’t as bright as others depending on where the camera is? Though I can’t tell if that’s an HDR issue or if it’s just what the game is doing.

Definitely a game issue. The same problem affects Mafia 3 when using HDR. It is just very aggressive with its color correction.

So yeah, I tested various ways of “remastered” settings but they all looked the same to me. By doing this, some scenes look way too bright or some places look way too dark, like at Salieri’s bar at night.

Still, I was able to balance it out by increasing the brightness in the game settings and increasing the gamma control inside the HDR widget, and it looks better now. I recommend doing that so you find a right balance between those two settings. I have an OLED tv so results may vary.